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By Danielle Forget, Paul Hirschbühler, France Martineau, María Luisa Rivero

Within the final decade, there was a revival of curiosity relating to negation and polarity, with a lot cross-fertilization among semantic and syntactic techniques. The papers within the current quantity handle key matters in regards to the syntax and semantics of negation and polarity, together with either synchronic and diachronic perpectives. important to the discussions are the distribution of destructive markers and the constitution of the clause, adverse harmony phenomena, licensing of polarity goods, similarities among Neg-movement and wh-movement. The papers, by way of major members to the sphere, replicate diverse theoretical frameworks, together with rules and Parameters and Minimalist techniques, Head-Driven word constitution Grammar, Formal Semantics, or ways attracted to pragmatics. the amount is of curiosity to syntacticians, semanticians, historic linguists, typologists, and philosophers.

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English Auxiliaries: Structure and History. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Williams, Edwin. 1994. Thematic Structure in Syntax. : MIT Press. THE SYNTAX OF SENTENTIAL NEGATION IN FRENCH AND ENGLISH* DENIS BOUCHARD Université du Québec à Montréal 1. General considerations Pollock (1989) and Chomsky (1991), following an idea of Emonds (1978), propose an analysis of the distribution of adverbs and of negation in French and in English which makes use of a movement of V and categories that are purely functional of the Agr type.

The argument for derivations based on (1) is severely weakened if all the specifications of the elements in the chain are taken into account as in (3), since the locality conditions are satisfied by the output chain. In any event, there is no argument for derivations based on (1), nor for chains for that matter. What (1) and (3) describe are not "fundamental properties of language, which should be captured not obscured" (Chomsky 1994:6); rather, these are properties of an analysis that tries to account for some facts about sentential negation and adverbs in French and English (among other things).

Chicago: University of Chicago Press. Bresnan, Joan. 1982. The Mental Representation of Grammatical Relations. : MIT Press. Chomsky, Noam. 1981. Lectures on Government and Binding. Dordrecht: Foris. Corblin, Francis. 1995. "Compositionality and Complexity in Multiple Negation". 449473. Di Sciullo, Anna-Maria & Edwin Williams. 1986. On the Definition of Word. : MIT Press. Emonds, Joseph. 1978. "The Verbal Complex V'-V in French". 151-175. Gazdar, Gerald, Ewan Klein, Geoffrey Pullum & Ivan A. Sag.

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