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By John A. Pojman and Qui Tran-Cong-Miyata (Eds.)

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But in some cases (or in most cases) the comprehensive scenario of self-organization based on the mutual assisting relation will provide more simple and powerful strategies for tangling up the stair of hierarchy. It could be a strategy to be chosen by abiotic systems towards the origins of life (the prebiotic chemical evolution), and succeeding evolution of life. This strategy would answer the request of bottom-up procedures in recent nanotechnology. Therefore, recent interest among researchers in materials science has been focused on the mutual assisting relations between self-assembly and dissipative structure (13).

Figure 5 shows the effect of laser irradiation (488nm) on the pacemaker under the condition that photo-illumination produces activator. The size of the pacemaker was controlled by the illuminating beam, whose diameter was determined by a pinhole placed in the light path. It was found that the wavelength of traveling waves in the gel decreased as the size of pacemaker increased. The results gave a good agreement with a theoretical model simulation. , small signal can be amplified to macroscopic change.

6. Clustering of receptor molecules in a biological cell (21). 7. Pattern formation in most of convecting systems. 8. Treadmilling of actin microfilaments, if controlled by coexisting dissipative structures. This list is not enough; nevertheless, it will be a guide for readers to understand correctly the potentials of dissipative structure-assisted self-assembly mechanism, and to design new experimental systems and practical application of polymers. Conclusions Self-assembly and dissipative structure formation are complementary selforganizing processes.

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