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42 Voters in Balochistan stand in line to cast their ballots on February 18, 2008. The voters were choosing members for the country’s parliament. Many people did not vote because they feared polling stations would be attacked by suicide bombers. TIMELINE BC ca. 2500-1600 Indus Valley civilization ca. 1500-500 Vedic Age AD 711 Muhammad bin Qasim brings Islam to Balochistan and Sindh. 1526 Mughal Empire begins. 1707-1858 Mughal Empire declines. 1858 Britain passes the Government of India Act, creating British India.

39 COUNTRIES IN CRISIS A DANGEROUS PLACE Her son, Bilawal, is a nineteenyear-old college student. Zardari says he plans to keep the party together until Bilawal is prepared to lead it. 40 In January 2008, Pakistani lawyer Ali Ahmed Kurd and his children give a victory sign to a group of lawyers protesting Musharraf’s firing of the head of Pakistan’s Supreme Court. Kurd is being held under house arrest. CAN MUSHARRAF RUN? In January 2008, one of the Supreme Court judges removed by Musharraf sent a letter to major leaders in the United States and Europe.

Happening. They then allowed On October 12, Sharif introduced Musharraf’s plane to land in the man he wanted to be top Pakistan, just before it ran out general to other Pakistani generals. of fuel. When Musharraf stepped The Pakistani generals, however, off the plane, he was the new were loyal to Musharraf. Instead leader of Pakistan. of agreeing to Sharif’s proposal, they arrested him. While this was happening, HUNTING AL-QAEDA Since 1996, Pakistan supported Musharraf was on a flight from Sri the Taliban, the Islamist Lanka back to Pakistan.

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