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By D. Keyes, J. Periaux, A. Ecer, N. Satofuka and P. Fox (Eds.)

Content material:

, Pages v-vi

, Pages vii-viii, David Keyes
Scientific committee of the parallel CFD meetings 1998-1999

, Page ix
List of contributors in parallel CFD'99

, Pages x-xii
Conference photograph

, Page xiii
Parallel multigrid answer and optimization in compressible move simulation and design

, Pages 3-15, J.-A. Désidéri, L. Fournier, S. Lanteri, N. Marco, B. Mantel, J. Périaux, J.F. Wang
High-Performance Spectral point Algorithms and Implementations

, Pages 17-26, Paul F. Fischer, Henry M. Tufo
Operator Splitting and area Decomposition for Multiclusters

, Pages 27-36, M. Garbey, D. Tromeur-Dervout
Development of the “Earth Simulator”

, Pages 37-46, Shinichi Kawai, Mitsuo Yokokawa, Hiroyuki Ito, Satoru Shingu, Keiji Tani, Kazuo Yoshida
Virtual production and layout within the genuine global - implementation and scalability on hppc systems

, Pages 47-56, ok McManus, M move, C Walshaw, S Johnson, C Bailey, okay Pericleous, A Slone, P Chow
Large-scale parallel viscous circulate computations utilizing an unstructured multigrid algorithm

, Pages 57-72, Dimitri J. Mavriplis
Efficient parallel implementation of a compact higher-order maxwell solver utilizing spatial filtering

, Pages 75-87, Ramesh ok. Agarwal
Parallel two-level equipment for 3-dimensional transonic compressible stream simulations on unstructured meshes

, Pages 89-96, R. Aitbayev, X.-C. Cai, M. Paraschivoiu
Parallel calculation of helicopter BVI noise through relocating overlapped grid method

, Pages 97-104, Takashi Aoyama, Akio Ochi, Shigeru Saito, Eiji Shima
Domain decomposition implementations for parallel recommendations of 3-D Navier- Stokes equations

, Pages 105-113, A.R. Aslan, U. Gulcaf, A. Misirlioglu, F.O. Edis
Parallel Implementation of the Discontinuous Galerkin Method

, Pages 115-122, Abdelkader Baggag, Harold Atkins, David Keyes
Numerical Simulations of complicated Flows with Lattice-Boltzmann-Automata on Parallel Computers

, Pages 123-129, J. Bernsdorf, G. Brenner, F. Durst, M. Baum
Parallel Preconditioners for KKT platforms bobbing up in optimum regulate of Viscous Incompressible Flows

, Pages 131-138, G. Biros, O. Ghattas
Parallel polynomial preconditioners for the research of chaotic flows in Rayleigh - Benard convection

, Pages 139-146, Edoardo Bucchignani, Alfonso Matrone, Fulvio Stella
An object-oriented software program framework for development parallel Navier-Stokes solvers

, Pages 147-154, Xing Cai, Hans Petter Langtangen, Otto Munthe
Parallel NAS3D: a good set of rules for engineering spray simulations utilizing LES

, Pages 155-164, D. Caraeni, C. Bergstrom, L. Fuchs
Dynamic load balancing for parallel GFD on NT networks

, Pages 165-171, Y.P. Chien, J.D. Chen, A. Ecer, H.U. Akay
Parallel computing device simulation of a chip bonding to a broadcast circuit board: within the research section of a layout and optimization approach for digital packaging

, Pages 173-178, P. Chow, C. Bailey, okay. McManus, D. Wheeled, H. Lub, M. move, C. Addison
Implicit-explicit hybrid schemes for radiation hydrodynamics appropriate for disbursed computing device systems

, Pages 179-187, W. Wenlong Dai, Paul R. Woodward
Computations of 3-dimensional compressible Rayleigh-Taylor instability on SGI/Cray T3E

, Pages 189-198, Anil Deane
An set of rules for decreasing communique rate in parallel computing

, Pages 199-206, A. Ecer, E. Lemoine, I. Tarkan
Domain decomposition answer of incompressible flows utilizing unstructured grids with pP2Pl elements

, Pages 207-214, F.O. Edis, U. Gulcat, A.R. Aslan
Parallel agglomeration options for business unstructured solvers

, Pages 215-222, D.R. Emerson, Y.F. Hu, M. Ashworth
Parallel computation of turbulent flows round advanced geometries on hybrid grids with the DLR-TAU code

, Pages 223-230, M. Galle, T. Gerhold, J. Evans
Parallel implementation of a conventional inner combustion engine code

, Pages 231-239, Aytekin Gel, Ismail Çelik
Towards life like functionality Bounds for Implicit CFD Codes

, Pages 241-248, W.D. Gropp, D.K. Kaushik, D.E. Keyes, Gand B.F. Smith
A Parallel computing framework for dynamic energy balancing in adaptive mesh refinement applications

, Pages 249-256, Weicheng Huang, Danesh Tafti
A Two-Level Aggregation-Based Newton-Krylov-Schwarz process for Hydrology

, Pages 257-263, E.W. Jenkins, R.G. Berger, J.P. Hallberg, S.E. Howington, C.T. Kelleya, J.H. Schmidt, A.K. Stagg, M.D. Tocci
The subsequent 4 orders of importance in functionality for parallel CFD

, Pages 265-272, D.E. Keyes
Design of large-scale parallel simulations

, Pages 273-279, Matthew G. Knepley, Ahmed H. Sameh, Vivek Sarin
An effective garage procedure for parallel Schur supplement approach and functions on assorted platforms

, Pages 281-288, S. Kocak, H.U. Akay
Applications of the smoothed particle hydrodynamics process: the necessity for Supercomputing

, Pages 289-295, Stefan Kunze, Erik Schnetter, Roland Speith
Parallel multigrid solvers with block-wise smoothers for multiblock grids

, Pages 297-304, Ignacio M. Llorente, Boris Diskin, N. Duane Melson
An synthetic compressibility solver for parallel simulation of incompressible two-phase flows

, Pages 305-312, ok. Morinishi, N. Satofuka
Implementation of a Parallel Framework for Aerodynamic layout Optimization on Unstructured Meshes

, Pages 313-320, E.J. Nielsen, W.K. Anderson, D.K. Kaushik
Validation of a Parallel model of the categorical Projection strategy for Turbulent Viscous Flows

, Pages 321-327, Stefan Nilsson
Parallel resolution of Multibody shop Separation difficulties via a Fictitious area Method

, Pages 329-336, T.-W. Pan, V. Sarin, R. Glowinski, J. Périaux, A. Sameh
Efficient parallel-by-line equipment in CFD

, Pages 337-343, A. Povitsky
An Automatable known method for Dynamic Load Balancing in Parallel based Mesh CFD Code

, Pages 345-353, J.N. Rodrigues, S.P. Johnson, C. Walshaw, M. Cross
Parallel functionality of a zonal Navier-Stokes code on a Missile Flowfield

, Pages 355-362, Jubaraj Sahu, Karen R. Heavey, Daniel M. Pressel
Parallel Computation of three-d Two-phase Flows by means of the Lattice Boltzmann Method

, Pages 363-370, Nobuyuki Satofukaa, Tsuneaki Sakai
Parallelization and Optimization of a giant Eddy Simulation Code utilizing OpenMP for SGI Origin2000 Performance

, Pages 371-379, Punyam Satya-narayana, Ravikanth Avancha, Philip Mucci, Richard Pletcher
Calculation of Unsteady Incompressible Flows on a hugely Parallel laptop utilizing the B.F.C. Coupled Method

, Pages 381-388, ok. Shimano, Y. Hamajima, C. Arakawa
A parallel set of rules for the distinctive numerical simulation of reactive flows

, Pages 389-396, M. Soria, J. Cadafalch, R. Consul, okay. Claramunt, A. Oliva
Parallelization of the sting dependent stabilized finite aspect method

, Pages 397-405, A. Soulaimani, A. Rebaine, Y. Saad
The want for multi-grid for big computations

, Pages 407-414, A. Twerda, R.L. Verweij, T.W.J. Peeters, A.F. Bakker
Parallel computations of unsteady Euler equations on dynamically deforming unstructured grids

, Pages 415-422, A. Uzun, H.U. Akay, C.E. Bronnenberg
Parallelization and MPI functionality of Thermal Lattice Boltzmann codes for fluid turbulence

, Pages 423-430, George Vahala, Jonathan Carter, Darren Wah, Linda Vahala, Pavol Pavlo
Parallel computation of two-phase flows utilizing the immiscible lattice gas

, Pages 431-438, Tadashi Watanabe, Ken-ichi Ebihara
Parallel functionality modeling of an implicit advection-diffusion solver

, Pages 439-446, P. Wilders
A parallel 3D absolutely implicit unsteady multiblock CFD code applied on a Beowulf cluster

, Pages 447-455, M.A. Woodgate, K.J. Badcock, B.E. Richards
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, Page 456

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Table 2 presents the total time and sustained performance for the 26 timesteps using a combination of unrolled f77 loops and assembly-coded D G E M M routines. Two versions of D G E M M were considered: the standard version (csmath), and a specially tuned version (perf) written by Greg Henry at Intel. 7 seconds. 0% of the total solution time in the worst-case scenario of 2048 nodes in dual-processor mode. Table 2 ASCI-Red-333" total time and GFLOPS, K - 8168, N - 15. Single (csmath) Dual (csmath) Single (perf) Dual (perf) P Time(s) GFLOPS Time(s) GFLOPS Time(s) GFLOPS Time (s) G F L O P S 512 6361 47 4410 67 4537 65 3131 94 1024 3163 93 2183 135 2242 132 1545 191 2048 1617 183 1106 267 1148 257 819 361 26 5.

9. Y. ~/IADAY AND A. T. PATERA, "Spectral element methods for the Navier-Stokes equations", in State of the Art Surveys in Computational Mechanics, A. K. , ASME, New York, pp. 71-143 (1989). 10. Y. 1VIADAY,A. T. PATERA, AND E. 1VI. RONQUIST, "An operator-integration-factor splitting method for time-dependent problems" application to incompressible fluid flow", J. Sci. , 5(4), pp. 263-292 (1990). 11. A. T. PATERA, "A spectral element method for fluid dynamics: Laminar flow in a channel expansion", J.

I . . . . . 1 2 ........... , ..... I 3 Figure 3. application of the m e t h o d to a non linear problem Let us consider, for the sake of simplicity, the one-dimensional case with q > 2 subdomains. P is then a p e n t a d i a g o n a l m a t r i x of size 2 ( q - 1). Three Schwarz iterates provide enough 35 information to construct P and compute the limit of the interfaces. However, we have some global coupling between the interface's limits solution of the linear system associated to matrix I d - P.

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