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The third criterion is that they must be stable, especially upon prolonged storage and, preferably, under the conditions of high temperature likely to be encountered during a heat sterilization process. These are very stringent specifications and many 25 Parenteral Products materials which may well be otherwise satisfactory for oral use in pharma­ ceuticals and foodstuffs have to be ruled out when it comes to formulating a parenteral product. PARENTERAL SUSPENSIONS Sterile suspensions of insoluble drugs for parenteral use may be selected because: a.

Until egg-lecithin had been chromatographically purified, emul­ sions made with this stabiUzer could not be used cUnicaUy because they were too toxic. g. Waddel et al, 1955) produced granulomatous reactions and associated vaso-pressor effects. Concentrations of soyabean phosphatides greater than 1 per cent were therefore associated witii increased blood pressure and it was not until fractionation revealed the presence of a potent vaso-pressor material that another fraction could be prepared which was cUnicaUy satisfactory.

Characterized oils for use in intravenous fat emulsions, American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 16 (1), 16. Singleton, W. S. and Benerito, R. R. (1954). Surface phenomena of fats for parenteral nutrition,/OW/TJA/ of the American Oil Chemists Society, 32, 23. Spiegel, A. J. and Noseworth, M. M. (1963). Use of nonaqueous solvents in parenteral products,/owr^j/ of Pharmaceutical Sciences, 5 (10), 917. Tusa, Β. Η. and Avis, Κ. Ε. (1972). Studies of dimethylpolysiloxane compared to sesame oil as a vehicle for progesterone injection.

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