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By J. Angermuller

This e-book provides advancements of discourse research in France and applies its instruments to key texts from 5 theorists of structuralism: Lacan, Althusser, Foucault, Derrida and Sollers. It will pay specified realization to enunciative pragmatics as a poststructuralist technique which analyzes the discursive development of subjectivity.

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The notion of enunciator corresponds to an (enunciative) position which the locutor adopts in its discourse to envisage the facts, the notions, under this or that angle, taking them on its account or on the account of others. 35 Thus, in (3), the locutor designates the being directly responsible for the second utterance, yet for the first utterance only in order to call it into question by the second one. Utterances mobilize different voices (voix) and sources of enunciation (sources énonciatives), which found the characteristic polyphony of the utterance and send the utterance searching, as it were, for connections to other utterances.

Thus, the utterance (1) Does the fridge work again? presupposes a number of circumstances that are presented as a nonnegotiable background, namely (P1a) that there is a fridge or (P1b) that the fridge broke down at some time. Ducrot makes clear that these presuppositions are anchored in the utterance itself and are organized in a certain way through what comes before and after the utterance. Thus, different argumentative orientations are evoked if (1) is followed by either (2a) I have brought ham or (2b) The fuse has blown.

For if discourse shows no stable inside/outside borders, it is impossible to represent the formation by a sample. Nor is it possible to compile ‘natural’ corpora. The compilation of a corpus becomes a construction of the analytical process—a construction which predetermines the results to be achieved to a considerable extent. 23 Rather than determining the meaning of an utterance, Pêcheux now turns to its complex, ‘vertical’ stratification. ). The focus of Pêcheux’s DA 3 on the heterogeneity of discourse recalls the crisis of Saussure’s and Harris’s structuralist models.

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