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Namespaces Inside the class declaration you will see a series of XML namespaces that start with xmlns followed by a colon, then the name of the namespace, an equal sign and a path to the assembly that the namespace represents. Phone assembly. With the namespace declared, you can use any of the namespace objects inside the XAML. For example you can use the WebBrowser control from the phone namespace by creating this tag: You may also have noticed that one XML namespace in Listing 3-1 has no name.

The Styled Buttons ■■Note To use implicit styles remove the Style property for each button. Also, remove the x:Name="ButtonStyle" from the resource. All the buttons with the TargetType of "Button" will be styled the same. 52 Chapter 3 ■ Building the UI with XAML Templates A template is a pattern expressed in XAML that describes a tree of elements. Use templates to customize an entire control, particular areas of a control, or the control in different states, such as portrait and landscape. The beauty of templates is that the appearance of the control is not bolted directly to the behavior of the control.

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