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By Donna Selman

Punishment on the market is the definitive smooth historical past of non-public prisons, informed via social, fiscal and political frames. The authors discover the starting place of the information of contemporary privatization, the institution of personal prisons, and the efforts to maintain increasing within the face of difficulties and undesirable exposure. The ebook presents a balanced telling of the tale of personal prisons and the resistance they engendered in the context of criminology, and it truly is meant for supplemental use in undergraduate and graduate classes in criminology, social difficulties, and race & ethnicity.

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Conversely, the media underrepresent minority men as victims, even though violent victimization occurs disproportionately to that portion of the population. During the 1970s, criminologist James Q. Wilson summarized the crime problem with the words “Wicked people exist,” and the increasingly corporate media repeatedly associated black men with that idea by 40 Chapter 1 overrepresenting them as violent offenders, underrepresenting them as victims, and downplaying social conditions as an explanation in favor of blaming individual pathology.

Through “lawand-order” and “tough-on-crime” campaigns, society could be protected from them—unwanted, unworthy of help, and increasingly portrayed as dangerous. The end result was that race eclipsed class as the organizing principle of American politics. By 1970, when Nixon declared a “war on crime,” quickly followed in 1971 by his declaration that “America’s Public Enemy No. 1 is drug abuse,” both were firmly associated in the public’s mind with minority populations (Ray 1972, 38). A key aspect of the transformation of these attitudes into criminal justice policy started with the overthrow of rehabilitation and the indeterminate sentences that supported it.

263, 295). Unfortunately, the Supreme Court recently reaffirmed Rummel in a case involving a fifty-year sentence for two instances of shoplifting videos. In 1995, Leandro Andrade, a nine-year army veteran and father of three, got caught shoplifting five children’s videotapes from Kmart, a heist yielding a value of around $85. Two weeks later, he was caught shoplifting four similar tapes—including Free Willie 2 and Cinderella—worth about $70 from another Kmart. Under California law, Andrade’s 1982 convictions for residential burglary were his first “strikes” under the Three Strikes Law, and the prosecutor decided that Andrade was a repeat offender whose current shoplifting charges should count as strikable offenses.

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