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Central America Antiquities Congresses. I. 8'01 dc20 92-30675 CIP The paper used in this publication meets the minimum requirements of the American National Standard for Information SciencesPermanence of Paper for Printed Library Materials. 48 1984 Page v This volume is dedicated to those other great discoverers of America, the women and men of The Maya and Their Neighbors Page vii Contents Contributors ix Foreword Jan Perry Mayer and Frederick R. Mayer xi Preface Mark Miller Graham xiii Acknowledgments Frederick W.

Little, Brown, Boston. Page 35 Kirchhoff, Paul 1943. Mesoamérica: sus límites geográficas, composición étnica y caracteres culturales. Acta Americana 1:92107. English translation by Norman McQuown in Heritage of Conquest, edited by Sol Tax, 1952. Reprinted in Ancient Mesoamerica: Selected Readings, edited by John A. Graham, Peek Publications, Palo Alto, 1981. Klein, Cecelia Ford 1979. The Effect of the Social Sciences on Pre-Columbian Art History in the United States. Manuscript in possession of the author.

8 But this schizoid nature of Pre-Columbian art history offers both archaeologists and art historians a unique advantage: since we will probably never resolve inherent tensions between the social sciences and the fine arts and humanities, our only recourse is to turn them to our advantage, as has most productively been done by Mayanists in archaeology and art history, where disciplinary boundaries have, probably, been most nearly erased. Pre-Columbian art history is thus a field built on ironies, its reality shaped by a belief in its own rhetoric.

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