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This publication offers entire assurance of the slitting procedure. It info new leads to research, computation, and estimation and discusses assorted roles of residual stresses from the fracture mechanics viewpoint. It presents targeted formulations and examples of compliance features, weighted least squares healthy and convergence attempt in tension estimation, and computing device courses to facilitate the implementation of the slitting procedure.

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We now cut out a longitudinal strip along the axial direction from the cylinder shown in Fig. 15. The moment M acting on the crack plane is thus released. 27) which is the plane strain solution for an edge-cracked beam. Replacing the virtual force F in Eq. 28) in which √ 6 πa a ∂KIm (a/t, s) = fo ( ) ∂M t2 t a/t 0 a f (x, )(2x − 1)dx t x σ(x) z θs θs Fig. 15. Rotation of an edge-cracked beam. Combining Eq. 26) with Eq. 29) which, when substituted into Eq. 24), the radial deflection w at a distance z from the crack plane can be obtained w(z, a/t) = θp (a/t)R[sin(βz) − cos(βz)]e−βz .

11 can be considered as those normalized by its diameter. When a surface traction σ(x) is applied to the crack faces, the deformation or the change of strain along the perimeter can be obtained using Castigliano’s theorem and stress intensity factor solutions. 19) in which E = E for a disk and E = E/(1 − ν 2 ) for a cylinder. The stress intensity factors KI and KIf are respectively for the loading on the crack faces and for a pair of virtual forces F acting symmetrically about the crack at a tangential distance s shown in Fig.

16 shows the compliance functions for R/t = 10 and 20 as a function of a/t for an axisymmetric bending stress on the crack faces. 5 A Ring With a Radial Crack To obtain the compliance functions for a cylinder of mean radius R and wall thickness t, we may introduce a radial crack from either inside or outside wall. Here, we focus our attention on a cut made from the outside the wall. This leads to a configuration shown in Fig. 17. Again, instead of resorting to a numerical computation we separate conceptually a small element containing the crack from the cylinder as shown in Fig.

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