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By Graeme Hirst

During this relatively good written quantity Graeme Hirst provides a theoretically inspired origin for semantic interpretation (conceptual research) by means of computing device, and exhibits how this framework enables the solution of either lexical and syntactic ambiguities.

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1 Procedural semantics and Woods's semantic interpreter Research on semantic interpretation in artificial intelligence goes back to William Woods's dissertation (1967, 1968),17 which introduced PROCEDURAL SEMANTICS to NLU in a natural-language front-end for an airline reservation system. Input sentences were translated into procedure calls that retrieved information from a database, and the meaning of a sentence was identified with the corresponding procedure call. For example: (2-14) AA-57 is non-stop from Boston to Chicago.

Example: believe that + John loves a unicorn] There are three types of semantic rule. The first type is basic rules that just provide translations of most individual words. The second type translates syntactic constituents with syncategorematic words in them. Here is the semantic rule that corresponds to the noun-phrase rule above: (2-12) If £ translates into £', then every C, translates into: W[Vjr £'(*)=>/>{*}]]; the £ translates into: XP [3y [Vx K'(JC) «* x = y] A P{y}]]; and a £ and an £ translate into: W [3* K'(*) A/>{*}]], where P{x} denotes the application of the EXTENSION of P to x.

Nor is there anything preventing the construction of rules that would result in conjunctions with conflicting, rather than merely redundant, terms. 20 DS Warren (1983) points out that a first-order representation, such as Woods's, is inadequate in principle if both compositionality and a suitable typing are to be maintained. 1. Noncompositionality in Woods s system AA-57 departs from Boston. depart (aa-57, boston) AA-57 departs from Boston to Chicago. connect (aa-57, boston, Chicago) AA-57 departs from Boston on Monday.

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