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By Rex Stout

A prize bull, a restaurateur's cheesy exposure stunt, a kin feud (among the bull's owners), and the dying of a kin scion pit Nero Wolfe and Archie Goodwin opposed to a different breed of killer.

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If there's any funny business ... " Pratt eyed Clyde. "One thing. What do we do, put up now? " Clyde flushed. "My check would be rubber. You know that, damn it. " "You're proposing a gentleman's bet? " "All right, call it that. " "By Cod. My boy, I'm flattered. I really am. But I can't afford to do much flattering when $10,000 is involved. I'm afraid I couldn't bet unless I had some sort of inkling of where you would get hold of that. " Clyde got halfway out of his chair, and my feet came back automatically for a spring, but his sister pulled him back.

I am. " WELL, AS the Emperor of India would say, that tore it. The children didn't appear to be shocked any, but I goggled at our host, and I could see by the sudden tilt to Wolfe's head that he was enjoying one of his real and rare surprises. He also betrayed it by repeating what he had already been told, which was equally rare. "Eat that bull, Mr. " he demanded. Pratt nodded again. "I am. Perhaps you noticed a pit we have started to dig down by the lane. That's for a barbecue which will occur Thursday afternoon.

My little place here. Sit down. Have a highball? Jimmy, push up some more chairs. No, you folks stay. Here, Mr. " He did introductions all around, including titles and occupations. It appeared that Lew Bennett was the secretary of the National Guernsey League. The name of the big-boned guy with scraggly hair and a big tired face was Monte McMillan. Daniel Cullen, of course, was Daniel Cullen, just as J. P. Morgan is J. P. Morgan. The fourth one, who looked even tireder than Monte McMillan, was Sidney Darth, chairman of the North Atlantic Exposition Board.

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