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What am I pertaining to while I say "I"? This little note is very easy to exploit in way of life, but it has turn into the focal point of extreme theoretical debate. the place does my experience of self come from? Does it come up spontaneously or is it created via the media or society? This drawback with the self, with our subjectivity, is now our major element of reference in Western societies. How has it grow to be so very important, and what are the various ways that we will be able to technique an realizing of the self? Nick Mansfield explores how our notions of subjectivity have constructed during the last century. reading the paintings of key glossy and postmodern theorists resembling Freud, Foucault, Nietzsche, Lacan, Kristeva, Deleuze and Guattari, and Haraway, he indicates how subjectivity is significant to debates in modern tradition, together with gender, sexuality, ethnicity, postmodernism, and expertise.

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FREUD AND THE SPLIT SUBJECT 27 Similarly, in a long career, his ideas evolved and modified, producing a range of models and theories that are not easily assimilable with one another. For the purposes of this chapter, I will discuss two crucial versions of Freud’s model of subjectivity, because they give the most important insight into its general meaning and because they have been the most centrally discussed in recent controversies in cultural theory. Firstly, what is the unconscious; and secondly, where does it come from?

Recognising that gender and sexual identities had been and would be vastly different from those that he knew would have called for a more pluralistic understanding of how subjects develop—a breadth Freud, striving for a universal and transhistorical theory, was reluctant to consider. Ironically, however, as we shall see in later chapters, the very historically specific nature of the parameters Freud chose have allowed more recent feminist theorists, such as Luce Irigaray, Elizabeth Grosz and others, to identify his model not with a universally valid truth, but with the structure of the gender values and politics of the West in its modern history.

It is self-conscious, in the most intense meaning of the phrase. In order for us to be in any contact with the world, according to Kant, we must have an awareness of ourselves, and a sense of unity of self. This awareness is identified neither with a natural self-sufficiency (as in Rousseau), nor with a soul that has come into the world fully formed (as in religious discourse), but with thought. In fact, Kant would argue that before you can think the natural philosophy of a Rousseau, or the eternity of a religion, as with all ideas, impressions, impulses, representations and experiences, first you must think yourself.

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