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By Bijan Kumar Bagchi

Following Witten's notable discovery of the quantum mechanical scheme within which all of the salient beneficial properties of supersymmetry are embedded, SCQM (supersymmetric classical and quantum mechanics) has turn into a separate zone of analysis . lately, development during this box has been dramatic and the literature maintains to develop. earlier, no ebook has provided an outline of the topic with sufficient aspect to permit readers to turn into swiftly acquainted with its key rules and methods.Supersymmetry in Classical and Quantum Mechanics bargains that assessment and summarizes the most important advancements of the final 15 years. It presents either an up to date evaluation of the literature and a close exposition of the underlying SCQM ideas. For these simply starting within the box, the writer offers step by step info of many of the computations. For more matured readers, the remedy comprises systematic analyses of extra complicated themes, corresponding to quasi- and conditional solvability and the position of supersymmetry in nonlinear platforms.

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