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By Jordi Tejel

This e-book is a decisive contribution to the learn of Kurdish heritage in Syria because the needed interval (1920-1946) as much as these days.

Avoiding an essentialist technique, Jordi Tejel presents positive, complicated and infrequently paradoxical research in regards to the articulation among tribal, neighborhood, local, and nationwide identities, on one hand, and the formation of a Kurdish minority understanding vis-à-vis the consolidation of Arab nationalism in Syria, nevertheless.

Using unpublished fabric, specifically in regards to the crucial interval (French files and Kurdish newspapers) and social flow conception, Tejel analyses the explanations of this "exception" in the Kurdish political sphere. despite the exclusion of Kurdishness from the general public sphere, particularly considering the fact that 1963, Kurds of Syria have refrained from an instantaneous disagreement with the principal energy, such a lot Kurds making a choice on a method of "dissimulation", cultivating internally the sorts of identification that problem the reliable ideology. The publication explores the dynamics resulting in the consolidation of Kurdish minority information in modern Syria; an ongoing approach which could take the shape of radicalization or maybe violence.

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The urgency of the moment and the limited number of members of the Khoybun League obliged the Kurdish leaders to choose between fighting with the “sword” and fighting with the “pen,” tending more toward the latter. However, the failure of the Ararat revolt in 1930 set the stage for the reformation of Kurdish military strategy. All these events together demonstrated the pointlessness of sporadic revolts against Turkey without the support of a great power. On the other hand, the Kurdish cultural entrepreneurs believed that a particularly urgent task – the task of strengthening feelings of belonging to the Kurdish community by restoring the language, developing education in the Kurdish language, and reviving popular Kurdish literature – could be accomplished despite their present difficulties.

This gave Arab nationalists all the more reason to oppose the granting of certain linguistic and political rights to the Kurdish minority. ). D), and more specifically to Commandant Robert Montagne. But for “reasons of political opportunism” the Serail decided to bestow the responsibility upon the delegation from the High Commission in Damascus. Badirkhan’s financial dependence on the Serail allowed the French authorities to also influence the contents and orientation of Kurdish publications. ”36 Regarding linguistics, the program for public education in Syria was comprised only of Arabic and French, to the exclusion of all other languages except Turkish in the Sanjak of Alexandretta.

In order to do so, the by now dormant Khoybun gave its support to the Badirkhan brothers by creating around them a network of philanthropic societies serving as economic and social support for the publication of revues and school manuals. The first initiative in this sense was launched in Hasaka in 1932 in the form of a foundation of a charity society to help the poor Kurds of Jazira. This project was realized in 1932 with the appearance of the revue Hawar (“The Calling,” 1932–43). This periodic journal (twice monthly, sometimes monthly) was published in two languages, Kurdish and French.

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