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Best military technology books

Modern Submarine Warfare

Submarines in the course of struggle

Gunboat Diplomacy 1919–1979: Political Applications of Limited Naval Force

Gunboat international relations 1919-1979: Political purposes of constrained Naval strength

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Donahue wishes his firm had surveyed the bedrock along the cable route more intensively. He also wishes it had “educated” Connecticut politicians on the cable’s benefits early on. ) Grilli, a veteran of New York politics, says TransÉnergie also should have responded more aggressively to Blumenthal’s high-profile attacks. “TransÉnergie just let him go out there and define the issue. ” The larger problem, of course, is the mishmash of state and federal rules that govern power transmission, which leaves entrepreneurs like Donahue vulnerable to political attack.

COM How can other “low-tech” businesses be reënergized by the use of new technologies? Keyword spalding. T E CH N O L O G Y R E V I E W april 2005 Inspired by the pop-up thermometers in Thanksgiving turkeys, the Infusion pump hides inside the ball until needed. sports. Carbon fibers once found mostly in exotic aerospace applications, for example, are now helping women’s tennis groups everywhere boost their serve speeds into the triple digits. But while other companies found that enthusiasts would gladly pay premiums for even slightly higher performance from their snowboards and sailboats, Spalding knew it would have to look at product functionality in very different ways.

By Gonzalo Argandoña CR E DIT HOW CAN A SMALL South American country compete economically with nations that invest 10 to 20 times as much in research and development? Chile’s strategy is to search for solutions for local needs that have not been addressed overseas. In particular, universities, private companies, and the government are working together to develop new biotech applications for industries vital to Chile’s economy. Take mining. Chile is the world’s largest producer of copper, and copper accounts for about half of the country’s exports.

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