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By John Dos Passos

Foreword through E. L. Doctorow.


With his U.S.A. trilogy, comprising THE forty second PARALLEL, 1919, and the large cash, John Dos Passos is expounded by way of many to have written the good American novel. whereas Fitzgerald and Hemingway have been cultivating what Edmund Wilson as soon as known as their "own little corners," John Dos Passos was once taking over the realm. Counted as the best novels of the 20th century by means of the fashionable Library and through a few of the best writers operating this day, U.S.A. is a grand, kaleidoscopic portrait of a state, humming with historical past and lifestyles on each page.

The trilogy opens with THE forty second PARALLEL, the place we discover a tender nation on the sunrise of the 20th century. Slowly, in tales artfully spliced jointly, the lives and fortunes of 5 characters spread. Mac, Janey, Eleanor, Ward, and Charley are stuck at the hurricane music of this parallel and blown New Yorkward. As their lives go and double again back, the likes of Eugene Debs, Thomas Edison, and Andrew Carnegie make cameo appearances.

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