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By James R Lewis

The clinical, ancient, and renowned foundation in the back of the traditional artwork of astrology is explored during this entire reference. The consultant additionally contains a desk of astrological glyphs and abbreviations, a bit on casting a chart, and a bankruptcy that explains and translates each planet in each condominium and sign.

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This succession of ages is based on a phenomenon known as the precession of equinoxes. Due to the precession of equinoxes, the spring equinox moves slowly backward through the constellations of the zodiac, so that approximately every 2000 years, the equinox begins taking place in an earlier constellation. Thus, the spring equinox has been occurring in Pisces for the past several thousand years and will begin to occur in the constellation Aquarius in the near future. This is the background for current speculations about the so-called Age of Aquarius.

The waxing phase for most yearly food crops that produce their yield aboveground— may be the human race’s oldest astrological practice. In the more recent history of the West, agricultural astrology has been referred to as “planting by the signs”—the practice of planting seeds according to the astrological sign of the Moon, which, because [12] T HE A STROLOGY B OOK Albedo of the relative shortness of the Moon’s orbit, changes every two or three days. , rural Appalachia) it is still practiced. Agricultural astrology is the one area of contemporary astrology in which people still rely on the traditional classification of fruitful signs and barren signs.

Paul, MN: Llewellyn Publications, 1995. ALMAGEST Almagest is a treatise on astronomy by the famous astronomer-mathematician Ptolemy. ALMANAC An almanac is a book or booklet containing sets of tables, particularly calendrical tables, announcing astronomical or astrological events (such as Moon phases, eclipses, and beginnings of seasons) and carrying historical facts, information on planting by the [20] T HE A STROLOGY B OOK Ambrosia signs, and other types of data. Older almanacs (the almanac tradition has been traced as far back as the Hellenistic period) contained prophetic announcements, a tradition carried on by modern almanacs, which usually predict the day-by-day weather on the basis of meteorological astrology.

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