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By Lawrence Block

It is not easy to disregard a person along with his arms on your mouth. Bernie Rhodenbarr's all ears while Dr. Sheldrake, his dentist, starts off complaining approximately his detestable, soon-to-be-ex spouse, and occurs to say the precious diamonds she retains mendacity round the house. seeing that Bernie's been identified to complement his source of revenue as a bookshop proprietor with the not-so-occasional bout of high-rise housebreaking, a few nights later he is within the Sheldrake condo with larceny on his brain -- and has to duck right into a closet while the girl of the home makes an unforeseen front. regrettably he is nonetheless there whilst an unseen assailant does Mrs. Sheldrake in . . . after which vanishes with the jewels. Bernie's received to come back out of the closet it slow. but if he does, he will be dealing with a rap for a homicide he did not dedicate -- and for a housebreaking he definitely tried -- except he can seek out the killer who left him striking.

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Skin doesn’t take fingerprints, any number of inane television programs notwithstanding. What I did have to wipe were the surfaces I’d been near since I took off my rubber gloves (which I now put back on, incidentally). So I got a washcloth from the bathroom and I wiped the inside of the closet door and the floor of the closet, and I couldn’t think what else I might have touched but I wiped around the outside closet knob just to make sure. Of course the murderer had touched that knob. So maybe I was wiping away his prints.

So maybe I was wiping away his prints. On the other hand, maybe he’d been wearing gloves. Not my concern. I finished wiping, and I went back to the bathroom and put the washcloth back on its hook, and then I returned to the bedroom for a quick look at the disappointed pastel lady, and I gave her a quick wink and dropped my eyes to look for my attaché case. To no avail. Whoever killed Crystal Sheldrake had taken her jewelry home with him. CHAPTER Three I t never fails. I open my mouth and I wind up in hot water.

Back on my hands and knees again, tugging at the paper. Tugging gently, because a swift tug would have the effect of a swift yank on a table- 30 Lawrence Block cloth, removing the cloth but leaving the dishes behind. I didn’t just want the paper. I wanted the key that was on it as well. Why pick a lock if the key’s just inches from your grasp? Easy does it, take your time, easy, that’s right— And then the door buzzer buzzed. I swear I wanted to spit. The damned buzzer made a sound loud enough to make hens stop laying.

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