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Bookselling burglar Bernie Rhodenbarr does not more often than not get philosophical approximately his legal occupation. he is solid at it, it really is addictively exciting—and it will pay an awful lot greater than pushing previous tomes. He steals as a result he's, interval. He may perhaps good reflect on, although, the deeper that means of occasions on the sumptuous Chelsea brownstone of Herb and Wanda Colcannon, that is it appears burgled 3 times at the evening Bernie breaks in: as soon as earlier than his stopover at and as soon as after. thankfully he nonetheless manages to boost a few reasonable jewellery and an exceptionally beneficial coin. regrettably burglar or burglars quantity 3 depart Herb subconscious and Wanda lifeless . . . and the police officers imagine Rhodenbarr dunnit. there isn't any time to get all existential approximately it—especially after the coin vanishes and the fence fencing it meets with a such a lot serious finish. yet Bernie goes to need to perform a little deep considering to discover a manner out of this homicidal conundrum.

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The Burglar Who Studied Spinoza

Bookselling burglar Bernie Rhodenbarr does not quite often get philosophical approximately his legal profession. he is stable at it, it truly is addictively exciting—and it can pay plenty larger than pushing outdated tomes. He steals hence he's, interval. He may well good examine, notwithstanding, the deeper that means of occasions on the sumptuous Chelsea brownstone of Herb and Wanda Colcannon, that is it seems that burgled 3 times at the evening Bernie breaks in: as soon as prior to his stopover at and as soon as after.

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The object Abel Crowe held gently but securely between the thumb and index finger of his left hand was a metallic disc just under seven-eighths of an inch in diameter—or just over two centimeters, if you’re into metrics. It was, in short, the size and shape of a nickel, the sort of nickel that’s the price of the good cigar this country is purported to need. It was the color of a nickel, too, although its frosted features and mirrorlike field were a ways removed from anything you’d be likely to have in your pocket.

The three locks had been locked when I found them, the chain bolt unengaged. Strange. If burglars had come through that door, and if they’d locked themselves in as I had done, wouldn’t they put the chain bolt on as well? And if they’d already left, would they bother locking up from outside? I generally THE BURGLAR WHO STUDIED SPINOZA 23 do that sort of thing as a matter of course, but then I’m not apt to leave a room looking as though it had been visited by the Gadarene swine, either. Whoever tossed that room was the type who kicked doors in, not the type who took extra time to lock up afterward.

CHAPTER Three A bel Crowe lived in one of those towering prewar apartment buildings on Riverside Drive. Our taxi let us out in front and we walked around the corner to the entrance on Eighty-ninth Street. The doorman was planted in the entranceway, holding his post like Horatius at the bridge. His face was a glossy black, his uniform a rich cranberry shade. It sported more gold braid than your average rear admiral and he wore it with at least as much pride of place. He gave Carolyn a quick look-see, then checked me out from haircut to Pumas.

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