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By Herman Melville

Onboard the Fidele, a steamboat floating down the Mississippi to New Orleans, a self assurance guy units out to defraud his fellow passengers. In quickly succession he assumes various guises - from a legless beggar and a cosmopolitan businessman to a collector for charitable motives and a cosmopolitan' gentleman, who easily swindles a barber out of the cost of a shave. Making little or no from his hoaxes, the excitement of trickery turns out an lead to itself for this slippery conman. Is he the satan? Is his chicanery in simple terms meant to reveal the mercenary issues of these round him? Set on April Fool's Day, The Confidence-Man (1857) is an interesting comedy of masquerades, digressions and moving identification, and a devastating satire at the American dream.

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Abraham To see my small son running ahead: pausing above a flower, bringing some trifle of hedgerow wearying, sighing, seeking my hand unable in all his being to give death credence, his heart agile to prove youth upon a ditch or stile: to see this you must know my heart like kettledrums commanded alarms and marches, shook old age like treason from its majesty.  I am sift of dust in that Hand unmercifully blown Love Me, His thunder never cried Love me my child's eyes never cried until this dawn and under under my knife Page 23 Saint Joseph She walked noon fields bearing the child in arms.

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