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As this man did not seem to be very suspect, the Lieutenant was on the point of letting him go, when a sudden thought occurred to him-he offered him his liberty in exchange for a horoscope . The Brahmin begged him to be careful, saying that it was dangerous to pry into the sacred mysteries . The companions of the officer, much impressed, did not ask to know their fate . 's father alone insisted. He gave the date of his birth, and the Hindoo, having consulted the sky and mentally drawn up the horoscope, answered after a long pause in a solemn voice :" You desired to know.

The interplay of the various influxes produces the conditions of life on earth . Astrology is in short the science of material and psychological determinism . 3 It would seem to be true that it was the Greek Posidinius who, according to Bouchg Leclercq, was the first to give to Astrology natural foundations. We must subsequently come down to Morin to find Astrology again escaping from the occult ideas . Finally it is Caslant who in our own time started again on the scientific track on which are engaged men of pure reasoning such as the polytechnician Chouasnard (Paul Flambart).

It is life and its generative power . It is Apollo on his . fiery chariot. It was the star of Agamemnon, of Alexander, of Raphael, of Moliere . The Solarian 1 is generally of medium height, well made, of lemon colouring mixed with red . 2 His face is oval, his beard full, his hair auburn or golden, s his forehead prominent, his eye limpid, stern without unkindness, his cheeks are firm and fleshy, his nose is thin and straight, his eyebrows are well arched, his mouth largee and thick-lipped, his hips slender, his limbs thin, his gait noble, his body running more to muscle than to fat .

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