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Quantity X of al-Tabari's vast chronicle is dedicated to 2 major topics. the 1st is the choice of Abu Bakr because the first caliph or successor to the Prophet Muh'ammad following the Prophet's loss of life in 632 C.E. This element of the History finds the various internal divisions that existed in the early Muslim group, and sheds gentle at the pursuits and motivations of varied events within the debates that led as much as Abu Bakr's acclamation as caliph.

The moment major topic of quantity X is the riddah or "apostasy"--actually a chain of rebellions opposed to Muslim domination via numerous tribes in Arabia that wanted to damage their ties with Medina following the Prophet's dying. The History bargains one of many extra wide collections of bills approximately this early series of occasions to be present in the Arabic historic literature. It presents richly precise details at the rebellions themselves and at the efforts made by means of Abu Bakr and his Muslim supporters to quell them. It additionally tells us a lot approximately relationships one of the tribes of Arabia, neighborhood topography, army perform, and the most important team of workers, association, and constitution of the early Islamic state.

The winning suppression of the riddah marked the transformation of the Muslim country from a small religion neighborhood of significance in simple terms in West Arabia to a way more strong political entity, embracing the entire Arabian peninsula and poised to unharness a wave of conquests that may presently engulf the full close to East and North Africa. The riddah era is, hence, the most important to figuring out the eventual visual appeal of Islam as an important actor at the degree of global background.

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Husayn al-Ii iarithi, and Yazid b. 147 His rule became stable; his order was considered harsh. , Sayhad. Cf. Hamdani, index; and Ibn Manzur, III, z6o. 144. Wellhausen, Skizzen, VI, 146, notes that no place named al-Bahrayn is known in the region of Aden. There seems to be some problem with the text here. Perhaps it read "to al-Bahrayn and in the direction of Aden," so that al-Bahrayn could be taken to refer to the well-known district of that name in eastern Arabia, for the sentence seems at this point to be enumerating regions beyond the Yemen highlands that were following al-Aswad.

This toponym was unknown to Hamdani; Yaqut knew of it directly from accounts of the riddah and related that, when al-Aswad expelled the Prophet's governors in Yemen, Farwah b. Musayk, who had been the Prophet's governor over the Murad clan, set up camp in al-Ahsiyah. This part of the text, however, is suspiciously similar to a passage several lines earlier that also begins with the phrase "to the province of al-Ta'if" (cf. note 144, above); one wonders whether the otherwise unknown "al-Ahsiyah" is not actually a copyist's error for alAhsa', the oasis district in the region of al-Bahrayn, and whether 'Ulayb-the localization of which was evidently a problem for the geographers (see note 15o, below)-is not an erroneous reading of 'Adan/Aden.

I zff. ), perhaps as far north as Mecca or Medina. Nuwayri, 5z, has "and elsewhere" (wa-ghayrihd). 151. Reading taqiyya, with Emendanda, for baqiyya in the text and Nuwayri. 152. Leading chief, warrior, and poet of the Zubayd clan of Madhhij, said to have embraced Islam in Medina shortly before the Prophet's death; cf. v. "'Amr b. Ma'dikarib" (C. Pellat); Caskel, II, 178. 1S3. Cf. Diyarbakri, II, 156 Il. 11-12; Balansi, 151: al-Aswad marries the wife of Shahr's father, Badhan. 1154. At this point an enormous sentence has been broken into several parts in the translation and the clauses rearranged.

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