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This quantity chronicles the historical past of the Islamic nation within the years A. H. 74-81 (A. D. 693-701), after the ultimate defeat of Ibn al-Zubayr in Mecca placed an finish to 12 years of civil conflict and reunited the empire lower than the rule of thumb of the Marwanid caliph 'Abd al-Malik. Syria and the Hijaz loved a interval of relative peace in this time, and balance and consolidation have been furthered by way of such easy administrative reforms because the establishment of an legit Islamic coinage. Pacification of Iraq, the place Kharijite insurgent bands nonetheless roamed and mutiny used to be spreading one of the govt forces, used to be entrusted by way of 'Abd al-Malik to the positive normal al-Hajjaj b. Yusuf. Al-Tabari supplies an in depth account of this iron-fisted governor's management, targeting his struggle opposed to the redoubtable Shabib b. Yazid, a Kharijite guerilla chief with a band of some hundred males who held out opposed to all odds and two times even entered the capital at al-Kufah and prayed in its mosque. vibrant eyewitness stories from individuals on either side of this clash offer a priceless photo of Arab lifestyles in Iraq at the moment, in addition to facts for the ideology of the Kharijites and the assets of discontent within the wider society.

Attention can also be given to advancements within the frontier provinces of the east, ultimately additionally put below the authority of al-Hajjaj. In Khurasan, the vicious tribal feuds that had interrupted the coverage of persisted conquest have been steadily resolved and campaigning resumed. In Sijistan, a crushing defeat of Arab troops led al-Hajjaj to outfit the "Peacock Army," a strength of extraordinary dimension and impressiveness, which, whilst it rebelled less than its chief, Ibn al-Ash'ath, used to be to supply the governor the gravest problem of his profession.

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Al-Kumayt . For the verse (with variant), see Die Hd9imijjat des Kumait , ed. and trans. 1. Horovitz (Leiden, 19o41, no. III, line 123. 77. Verse by Imru' al-Qays, d. c. D. 5 5o; see E12, s. v. Imru' al-Qays b . Hudjr. The verse, with variants, is in Ahlwardt, Divans, i 18. 78. D. c. 213 (8281; see Elt, s. v. al-Shaibini. 1 8 The Marwanid Restoration common people call "Satan's snot," that is, the "sun's drool" or gossamer, which appears at midday. Abu al-Najm al'Ij1179 said: The sun's drool flowed and covered things, and the balance of time stood in equilibrium.

May no woman ever give birth , and may no absent one return to his people, so long as he cannot return. So weep, my eye, for Mikhnaf and In Mikhnaf, and for the horsemen of my people, my relatives near and distant. Another elegy of 'Abd al-Rabman b. 128 He fought on until he died the noblest of deaths, with a keen, cutting sword, flashing like lightning. And about that hill, under his banner , were felled those of a noble company who nobly fought. In Mikhnaf lost his life on the day of that encounter, when all the weak and uncaring abandoned him.

Abd al-Ralimin b. 121 The next morning, al-Muhallab came and found him, and buried him and prayed over him . He wrote to inform al -Hajjij of his death, and al-Hajjij wrote to inform 'Abd al -Malik b. Marwin, who received the news at Mini122 and blamed the Kufans. AlHajjij then sent out 'Attib b. Wargi' 123 to take command of 'Abd al-Rabmin b. Mikhnaf's forces, and ordered him, if he joined with al-Muhallab in battle, to heed and obey him. 'Attib was unhappy about this but saw no alternative to obeying al-Hajjij , being unable to get him to reconsider.

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