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This quantity opens whilst the caliph al-Mansur has simply defeated the uprising of Muhammad the natural Soul in 145/762-3 and is now securely validated in strength. the most issues of the remainder 13 years of his reign are the construction of his new capital at Baghdad, on which al-Tabari's textual content includes information now not formerly released in English, and his efforts to have his nephew 'Isa b. Musa changed as inheritor obvious through his personal son Muhammad al-Mahdi, a maneuver that required all his political skills.

The situations of al-Mansur's dying in 158/775 are defined in bright element, and this part is via a chain of anecdotes, a few critical, a few funny, so much vibrant and vigorous, that illustrate his personality and habits.

The final part of the amount describes the reign of al-Mahdi, extra pious than his father but in addition extra liberal and open-handed. in addition to regimen management, house is dedicated to the weird intrigues that followed the increase and fall of the vizier Ya'qub b. Dawud and the mysterious conditions of the caliph's personal loss of life in 169/785, by way of a brief choice of personality tales. moreover, the quantity additionally comprises vital information regarding conflict at the Byzantine frontier and in Khurasan.

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599 - ioz, al-jahshiyari , 14i-57, 179; Sourdel, Vizirat, 1, 94-103. 89. According to al-Tabari, III, 72, isa had been appointed governor of al-Kufah in 131/75o. This would have given him fifteen years as governor. The Events of the Year 147 39 It is said : Al-Mansur only appointed Muhammad b. Sulayman as governor when he did because he wanted to humiliate 'Isa, but Muhammad did not do that and continued to treat him highly and to show him respect. In this year Abu Ja'far appointed Muhammad b. Abi al-'Abbas, his brother's son, as governor of al-Basrah, but he asked to be excused, so he was, and he left there for the City of Peace and died there.

Ugbah was from Huni 'ah of Azd (Caskel, table :i i). He is first recorded in Sind with 'Uyaynah b. Musi in 14 1/759-60 (Ya'qubi, Tdrikh, II, 448). For his subsequent role in alBakirayn, see below p. 60. He was assassinated in 167/783-84, apparently in revenge for a man he had killed in al -Yamimah (below p. 2 38, Ya'qubi, Tdrikh, II, 478). Nasr, a Tamimi and a member of Abu Ja'far's guard, was subsequently appointed to the frontiers of Firs (below p. 85(. He was probably the son of Harb b. Abdallih al-Riwandi (see note 42 above).

Plural of mi$r. The am$dr were orginally the towns established by the Muslims in the years immediately after the conquests at al-Kufah , al-Baorah and al-Fuslat. In the early Abbasid period, the term is applied generally to the mayor provincial capitals. 0 The Events of the Year 149 ( FEBRUARY i6, 766-FEBRUARY 5, 767) ip The events of this year: In this year al-`Abbas b. Muhammad led the summer raid on the Byzantine lands . With him were al -Hasan b. Qahtabah96 and Muhammad b. al-Ash'ath, and Muhammad b .

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