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The British engine gave a deepbreasted appearance resulting in the name Buchon (a special deep-breasted pigeon). The H A- 1 1 09-M 1 L was followed by the HA- 1 1 1 2M1L with Hispano 404 cannon in the wings instead of machine-guns and with eight underwing rails for 3-in (76-mm) rockets. numbers of the Merlin-engined Buchon were built from 1953-58, the last also Substantial being the last of about 33 000 of all versions of the Bf 109/ The Buchon was a much better aircraft to fly than the 109G, like the Hispano-engjned K1L, though neither quite equalled the original German fighter in performance.

Aircraft of have been the world's leading builder of STOL aircraft since The DHC-5 Buffalo 1 945. is the largest and 453 Squadron, RAF, dash to their Brewster Buffalos at Sembawang, Singapore 4 most powerful of the family, and it was the first designed for turboprop engines. The original version was a development of the pistonengined Caribou, produced for the US Army after an industry-wide competition in 1962. The first flew on April 9, 1964. Features include a fuselage wider in cross-section than that of the Caribou, a high wing with fullspan double-slotted flaps, a T-tail and two 2850-hp General Electric T64 turboprops.

The 8-in (203-mm) on May 9, sunk by a Engano on July 24, 1945, and the Fechteler (DE. 5 in) deck; 152-mm (6 in) conning tower Armament: 2 8-in (203-mm)/45 cal QF (2x1); 4 m F2A Brewster fighter aircraft. In 1935-36 the US Navy evaluated the Seversky XP-35 and a Curtiss Hawk 75 in the carrier role and as a result decided that a completely new monoplane design, planned for shipboard use from the start, must be ordered. The winner of the competition was the new Brewster Aeronautical Corporation, whose design team, led by Dayton T Brown and R D MacCart, produced the Model 139, which 1936 and flown in in June January 1938.

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