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By J.M.C. Blair

All through Camelot, he's whispered to be a magician, a sorcerer, a wizard. yet Merlin is in simple terms a student, a practitioner of drugs, and King Arthur’s depended on consultant. even though he possesses no otherworldly skills, his prepared mind supplies him definite powers of deduction.
Arthur, king of all of the Britains, has no longer been lucky in his marriage. His queen, Guenevere, has lengthy saved her personal courtroom within the forbidding fortress often called the Spider’s condominium, dwelling there brazenly with the knight Lancelot. nonetheless, even Merlin, who has little use for the pair, could by no means have estimated that they'd plot to offer themselves to the Byzantium Empire because the rightful rulers of England!
They plan to announce this at Guen’s party, to which Arthur is invited. Forewarned, King and counselor make their very own plans for thwarting the 2. yet because the visitors assemble, Guenevere’s father is located murdered—and Lancelot is the leading suspect. Merlin is vulnerable to depart the faithless knight to his fate—yet while his king bids him to, he dangers his very existence to discover the reality.

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Precisely. I still don't know how to grind the lenses perfectly. There must be a formula for it, but so far I have to trust my hands, their experience, and hope for the best. About a quarter of the lenses I grind turn out useless. " Merlin glared. "This is science, not sorcery. I am deter­ mined—Arthur would say mad—to see everything in the world as it actually is. If my lenses can help me do it . " Greffys was lost. " He took a deep breath. "Look at Arthur, for instance. He takes nearly everything and everyone at face value.

Say I torture her till she confesses responsibility for every tragedy since the fall of Troy. What would that do to all Merlin's fine diplomatic efforts to persuade Europe to take England seriously as a modern power? " Brit spoke emphatically. "Justinian tor­ tures his enemies, and look at him. " "No. No, I think Merlin is right. " Britomart's tone was beginning to grow heated. Calmly, Merlin got between them. "Think for a moment, Brit. Guenevere is already in jail, effectively at least. Corfe is a place of self-imposed exile from Arthur's court.

He shifted his weight awkwardly. "Do you . . do you think it might be another traitor? " The latter prospect seemed to excite Greffys. "It took me months to persuade the king to let me open a school for the squires and the pages. " "We have duties, sir. More immediate ones than learning about Roman comedy and the metaphysics of Aristotle. " "How could I possibly know? " He felt a twinge of pain and leaned on the table. " Greffys stared at his equipment with undisguised curios­ ity. " Merlin was annoyed at being interrupted, but the teacher in him could not be repressed.

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