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By Peter Achinstein

Supplying a brand new method of medical clarification, this booklet focuses at the start at the explaining act itself. From that act, a "product" emerges: a proof. to appreciate what that product is, in addition to the way it might be evaluated within the sciences, reference has to be made to the idea that of the explaining act. Following an account of the explaining act, its product, and the assessment of causes, the idea is delivered to endure on those matters: Why have the traditional versions of clinical rationalization been unsuccessful, and will there be a version of the sort sought? what's causal clarification, and needs to clarification within the sciences be causal? what's a practical rationalization? The "illocutionary" idea of clarification constructed on the outset is utilized in discussing those matters, and contrasting philosophical viewpoints are assessed.

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My reply is that in the case envisaged A is not in a knowledge-state with respect to Q, although he once was. At one time, but not now, he was acquainted with a correct answer to Q. He does now know that the answer he once knew is correct. His situation can be described by saying that (3x)(A knew of x that it is a correct answer to Q), and A knows that (3x)(x is a correct answer to Q). But it is not the case that (3x)(A knows of x that it is a correct answer to Q). 4. COMPLETE PRESUPPOSITION OF A QUESTION I shall suppose, then, that to understand q one must be in a knowledge-state with respect to Q.

This seems odd, since they can produce what they believe to be, and is, a correct answer to Q. 16. For objections to such semantical complications, see Donald Davidson, "Truth and Meaning," in J. Rosenberg and C. , 1971). 28 The Nature of Explanation Nevertheless, I suggest that this refusal is justified. If the police suspect, but do not yet know, that the accident was caused by the slippery road, then, although they are well on the way toward understanding what caused the accident, they are not yet in the position of someone who does understand it.

It is expressible by sentence (5) which is obtained from a complete answer form for (4) whose <£-term is "cause," viz. The cause of the acceleration that is a force is , Explaining 41 by filling in the blank. And the proposition expressed by (5) is not a presupposition of (4). Similarly, if we take the question What execution is now occurring? to be equivalent to What event is now occurring that is an execution? then (6) The event now occurring that is an execution is the killing of the prince expresses a complete content-giving proposition with respect to that question.

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