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By Donald B. Redford

This article contains enormous entries from all disciplines related to historical Egypt. one of the multitude of topics lined are faith and mythology, drugs, paintings, archaeology, sociology, exchange and trade, dialects, and agriculture.

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Traders acting on behalf of this elite bought slaves at markets in the interior. Under colonial rule, Africans were legally compelled to work. They could become farmers in the colonial economy or hire themselves out as laborers to Portuguese concerns, the most successful of which were coffee plantations in the Kongo area. The Ovimbundu of central Angola had to seek employment on the coffee plantations, since their home area could not sustain their large population. Those Kongo who did not toil as farm laborers sought work in the Belgian Congo.

Second, there was the phase that saw the conversion of the settled colonies into states and dominions in Canada. Third, there was the period from the Irish home rule movement culminating in 1922 through to the decolonization of Asia and Africa, which followed World War II. Writers and activists such as Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Paine, and Simón Bolívar helped inspire this anticolonialism. These individuals had long-lasting influences even though, in the case of Jefferson, the United States itself became a colonial power at the close of the nineteenth century.

In January 1895, Italian troops crossed the Mareb River into Ethiopia. Fearing further intrusion, Menelik called for a national mobilization on September 17. In early 1896, the Italian and Ethiopian forces met near the town of Adwa. Italian sources estimated there were 50,000 to 100,000 guns at Ethiopia’s disposal, backed up with cannons, machine guns, and heavy artillery. On March 1, Italian commanders nevertheless sent 14,500 troops into battle against the well-armed Ethiopian army of about 100,000 men.

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