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He had used the threat of this to force through, in the aftermath of the events of 1968,25 a new referendum on three rather minor issues, and, being defeated, went off on holiday to Parknasilla in the south-west of Ireland while his successor was being chosen. The 1962 amendment to the Constitution required that Alain Poher, the President of the Senate, serve as acting President while a fresh election was held. He himself was a candidate. But it was Georges Pompidou, who as Premier in 1964 had defended the notion Peter Calvert 35 of the supreme and uncircumscribed power of the presidency,26 who emerged as the second President of the Fifth Republic, and found his conception of the expanded role of the presidency loyally supported by Chaban-Delmas (Premier 1969-72).

68 His interpretation of that role was to be of great significance for the future. He was re-elected in 1954 virturally unanimously, but was debarred by the Basic Law from serving for more than two terms. As the 1959 elections approached the CDU did not have a majority in the Federal Assembly and the SPD nominated a strong candidate, their lively and witty spokesman on foreign affairs, Professor Carlo Schmidt. Taking the opportunity to rid himself of his able Finance Minister, Professor Ludwig Erhard, the architect of the so-called 'German miracle', Adenauer secured his nomination by the COu.

7 The new magistracy was not particularly popular and was satirised by Anatole France in memorable terms: After a succession of amazing vicissitudes, the memory of which is in great part lost by the wrongs of time and the bad style of historians, the Penguins established the government of the Penguins by themselves. They elected a diet or assembly, and invested it with the privilege of naming the Head of the State. The latter, chosen from among the simple Penguins, wore no formidable monster's crest upon his head and exercised no absolute authority over the people.

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