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Zhou, M. , and K. Venkatesh. 1998. Modeling, simulation and control of flexible manufacturing systems: Petri net approach. Singapore: World Scientific. Nets 2 Petri Basic Concept This chapter defines Petri net (PN) and introduces its basic concepts and properties that are used in this book. For details, see Murata (1989), Zhou and DiCesare (1993), Zhou and Venkatesh (1998), and Proth and Xie (1996). 1 Definition A Petri net is a particular kind of directed bipartite graph (or digraph) together with an initial state called the initial marking.

8, {p2 − p5}, {p1 − p3}, {p1 − p4}, and {p1 − p5} are traps. 2 Subclass of PN Until now, there was no efficient technique for the analysis of a general PN. However, such techniques are available to analyze a subset of PN. In this section, such subclasses of PN are introduced. 9 Key structures for subclasses of PN: (a) SM, MG, (b) MG, SM, (c) EFC, FC, (d) AC, EFC, and (e) PN, AC. 9 are the keys for the subclasses. 9a and b are SM and MG, respectively. FCs are a generalization of the structures common to both SM and MG.

Stochastic Petri net package (SPNP), another stochastic timed Petri net tool for performance analysis, was generated by the group led by K. S. Trevidi with two key developers, G. Ciardo and J. Dugan, at Duke University. In the late 1980s, CPN was developed by a group led by K. S. government, and has been used to specify and simulate colored Petri nets for the design of complex systems. The aforementioned publications and tools strongly affected academic researchers and industrial engineers when selecting a powerful model to deal with various issues in the design and implementation of more and more complex man-made systems, especially computer-integrated manufacturing systems.

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