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By Henry Chadwick

Sextus's Sentences are a suite of moral aphorisms which for hundreds of years have been learn in Latin, Greek, Syriac and Armenian, via Christians from Britain to Mesopotamia. Who 'Sextus' was once, and even if he used to be a Christian, isn't sure; Dr Chadwick discusses the proof, together with a few he has came upon himself. however the Sentences, most likely written within the moment century, have been greatly learn in Jerome's time, and have been nonetheless taken care of as authoritative within the center a while. they're a big strand within the background of the improvement of Christian ethics, and are another instance of that discussion among the Greek and the Jewish which so profoundly affected the improvement of the younger faith. Dr Chadwick first offers a serious version of the Greek and Latin texts. There stick to experiences of the ethical educating of Sextus, the facts of Origen, the testimony of Rufinus and Jerome, and the interior proof supplied via the texts.

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230 a coniugium tibi refutare concessum est, idcirco ut vivas indesinenter adhaerens deo. 230b nubere et filios procreare pessimum scias utrumque; sin autem tamquam proelium sciens esse pessimum, tamen pugnare vis, et uxorem nube et filios procrea. 231 adulter etiam propriae uxoris omnis inpudicus. 232 nihil propter solam libidinem facias. 233 scito te adulterum esse etiam si cogitasti de adulterio; sed et de omni peccato eadem tibi sit ratio. 234 fidelem te professus spopondisti pariter non peccare deo.

191 cov om. rTR. 192 (\x\) Lloyd-Jones T^rjcreis TT Y. 195 irapd OeoO Y aoi om. Y irepi 0eoO added at end U {readperhaps irapd 0eou, c / R X a deo). 196 eoTtv

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