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30 Topography of the Rat, Cat, Baboon and Human Subthalamic Nucleus As mentioned above, the development of the tracti in the Chinese hamster follows the description of Keyser (1972). At E14 the stria medullaris and tractus opticus are present and recognizable in the rostral diencephalon. However, at the same age the fasciculus mammillo-tegmentalis is present, just located below the subthalamic cell cord and within the subthalamic area. Within the area above the subthalamic cell cord the tract of the zona limitans is present.

In conclusion: 1. The regio subthalamica is one of the first to differentiate in the ventricular surface. 2. The regio subthalamica gives rise to the subthalamic cell cord. The regio subthalamica contributes to a posterior hypothalamic area. 3. The regio subthalamica produces in its basal ventricular matrix the corpus Luysii and the suprapeduncular complex. 4. The matrix is localized just above the mammillary recess also called the supramammillary recess. 5. The corpus subthalamicum Luysii takes a more lateral direction or tangential migration than the suprapeduncular complex does.

2004 and references herein). In the rat D1, D2 and D3 receptor mRNA was found in the STN (Flores et al. 1999). Ligand binding and mRNA studies had Cytochemistry of the Subthalamic Nucleus 19 already indicated such presence (Bouthenet et al. 1987, 1991; Boyson et al. 1986). Although binding sites for D4 receptors could be distinguished, its mRNA was missing. It is supposed that the D1, D2 and D3 can postsynaptically mediate dopamine, while D4 receptors should be placed presynaptically (Flores et al.

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