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By Gideon Haigh

Make approach for this defiantly idiosyncratic, hilariously illuminating compendium of curiosities you by no means knew you desired to know!

How do you flirt in Turkish? How do you unload a person in jap? What are the names of the entire animals ever despatched into area? those are only the various enjoyable and insightful oddities that made Gideon Haigh's The Uncyclopedia successful in another country. the 1st ever encyclopedia for the curious, The Uncyclopedia is a compendium of illuminating wisdom and a satisfaction for all inquisitive readers. As proved by way of Schott's unique Miscellany and the big upward push in acclaim for quiz and trivialities nights, arcane wisdom and non-essential proof have by no means been so well known. eventually in a single handy quantity, every little thing for knowledge-hungry readers:

• Lists of Norse gods
• Suicide notes of the famous
• All a person must understand about
• how you can toast in 10 languages
• a listing of the entire males to stroll at the moon
• Twenty Latin mottoes
• Fortune-telling techniques

Neither trivial nor crucial, but continually enticing and illuminating, The Uncyclopedia is the reference booklet stated simply for the needs of amusement--and readers simply can't placed it down!

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