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By A., Carriere, J. and Sekiguchi, S. Fishlow

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Myxococcus fulvus P. chlororaphis P. cocovenenans Proteus vulgaris Serratia marcescens Safracin Magnesidin Viscosin Pyrrolnitrin, pyolipic acid, pioklastin Oxazinomycin Bactobolin, DB-2073, dopastin, cycloserine, aminoglycosidase Protaptin Prodigiosin, cabapenems Sorangium cellulosum Sorangium sp. Ambruticin Myxin P. P. P. P. 35 fluorescens magnesiorubra viscosa pyrrocinia Pseudomonas sp. Reference Korzybski et al. 1978; Truper et al. 1992 Truper et al. 1992 Meyers et al. 1985 Truper et al. 1992; Reichenbach et al.

Do not include antibiotics or other such selective compounds in the purification media; doing so may mask the presence of low levels of resistant contaminating cells. When the culture is believed pure, one may streak this onto a richer media that is capable of supporting growth of a wider range of potential contaminants, in order to verify that it is axenic. 5 PRESERVATION AND MAINTENANCE Maintaining growth of cells does not necessarily mean maintaining productivity of cells, thus one must consider both qualities carefully when determining how to preserve the culture.

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