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Worldwide hindrance in clinical, commercial, and governmental com­ munities over lines of poisonous chemical compounds in foodstuffs and in either abiotic and biotic environments has justified the current triumvirate of specialised courses during this box: complete reports, swiftly released growth reviews, and archival documentations. those 3 courses are built-in and scheduled to supply in overseas conversation the coherency crucial for nonduplicative and present development in a box as dynamic and complicated as environmental illness and toxicology. before there was no magazine or different book sequence reserved solely for the assorted literature on "toxic" chemical compounds in our meals, our feeds, our geographical atmosphere, our family animals, our wild­ lifestyles, and ourselves. all over the world huge efforts and plenty of abilities were mobilized to technical and different reviews of natures, locales, magnitudes, fates, and toxicology of the persisting residues of those chemical substances loosed upon the area. one of the sequelae of this vast new emphasis has been an inescapable want for an articulated set of authorita­ tive guides the place you may look forward to finding the newest vital international literature produced through this rising quarter of technological know-how including documentation of pertinent ancillary legislation.

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4. -COLLIER (1929) and KRAUSE (1929) were first to establish the toxicity of a triphenyltin compound, namely 33 Triphenyltin compounds Table XVII. Acute toxicity of triphenyltin compounds on mice. p. p. subcutan. 1) M F M M a b References UEDA & IIJI~IA (1961) STONER (1966) UEDA et al. (1961) UEDA et al. (1961) SCHICKE et al. (1968) Philips-Duphar ( 1964 a) b Philips-Duphar (1964 a) b HOPF et al. (1967) LUIJTEN (1960) PIETERS (1961) SCHICKE et al. (1968) LUIJTEN (1960) STONER (1966) PIETERS ( 1961) UEDA et al.

The transformation to hexaphenyldistannoxane proceeds rather quickly from 60° to 70°C on (Codex Committee 1970; Fig. 6). Hexaphenyldistannoxane will not decompose unless heated to Table XI. Purity change of triphenyltin hydroxide, depending on time (after JITSU et al. 1967). 2 2 ..... S 20 hr 5hr\ \ I x/ ~:' A/~)( ~~~~ ~1hr 2hr 0 20 0 40 60 80 100 Temperature (OC) Fig. 6. Wt loss of triphenyltin hydroxide after different heating periods, depending on temperature (after JITSU et al. 1967). approximately 250°C (LUIJTEN and VAN DER KERK 1968; compare data under III g 2, disproportionation ).

Mice, after obtaining 15 mg/kg of triphenyltin acetate or chloride for 60 days, showed at the end of the experiment no changes in the ductular development, in the density of alveoli in the mammary glands, or in the number of follicles, corpora lutea, or concretions in the gonads (BROWN 1973). -Extensive reproduction experiments on rats were also conducted with triphenyltin hydroxide. One, 2, or 5 ppm of active ingredient in the food caused no negative influence on fertility, number of young in the litter, vitality, body wt, and mortality of the offspring in three consecutive generations.

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