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By Mamoun Fandy

Because the struggle on terror rages, one other battleground has fast taken form and is being waged on day-by-day newscasts world wide. within the Arab international, al-Jazeera and Al-Arabiya are best the struggle. yet do those information networks easily give you the information? Or, are they, as westerners suspect, instruments utilized by governments and terrorists alike to relay their message to the fellow in the street as either Arab and Western leaders fight to win the hearts and minds of hundreds of thousands of individuals? Fandy examines the effect that those and different information businesses have had at the warfare on terror, at the Arab global, and at the relationships that Arab countries percentage with one another, in addition to these they percentage with the West.Focusing on al-Jazeera and different Arab networks, Fandy examines the conflict among the Arab global and the West throughout the renowned medium of tv. He explores how autocratic governments keep an eye on the media as a way to shield their very own energy whereas concurrently accomplishing a confrontation, with their pals, the West, or repeatedly, either.

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The composition of its board reveals the degree to which it is under the thumb of the state. For example, Hassan Hamed (head of ERTU), Amin Bassouny (head of NileSat), and Abdul Rahman Hafez (director of Media Production City) are all members of the board. These are direct employees of the government. Other members include major figures in the ruling NDP like Hossam Badrawi and Mustafa Al-Sallab, and they reflect the Party’s control over this media. 25 Programming on Al-Mehwar began with a strong focus on entertainment and music.

Their eyes were opened and the scissors of the editors had to start . . 21 The success of Bahgat’s businesses remains a function of the government’s continued approval of his record and practices, and 28 (Un)Civil War of Words thus, he was faced with little choice but to suppress loud criticism of the state on the screens of Dream TV. 22 Al-Mehwar Television Al-Mehwar TV, the other Egyptian satellite channel that inhabits so-called “private sphere,” was founded in 2001 by Hassan Rateb. Like Ahmad Bahgat, Rateb is a successful businessman who has strong relations with the ruling regime.

This code is further strengthened by Article 97, known as the “anti-terrorism amendment,” which was passed by the legislature in July 1992. ” It prohibits publications that could be construed to: instigate hatred of the ruling system; humiliate the civil authorities; humiliate the armed services or the parliament; excite public opinion by propaganda; transmit false news; attack any of the three monotheistic religions; or propagate atheism. ” It is also unlawful to possess publications, or the means of producing publications, encouraging hatred or contempt for the state.

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