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By Air Marshal David Evans (auth.)

The writer has performed a looking out evaluate of the foundations promulgated through the British and American Defence Forces, in an effort to verify their carrying on with validity and relevance to battle within the past due Nineties and the twenty first century. Recognising that ideas could be utilized by way of commanders to fulfill particular events within the box he extends this research to embody management and coaching for management and command. within the ultimate bankruptcy he addresses the ethical tasks of these exercise command in their fellow countrymen and different assigned forces.

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4 In the matter of offensive action, not a great deal has changed over the centuries. A fundamental requirement is to understand the connection between attaining the initiative and offensive action. It is the latter that confers the· initiative and indeed it is the latter that enables a commander to maintain it. Simple enough, but it is surprising just how often this has been ignored by very senior commanders. An example of initiative lost by the failure to press on with vigorous offensive action was General Meade's lack of urgency in pursuing Lee's army after defeating him at Gettysburg.

Morale 27 ADDENDUM BY ADMIRAL ELMO R. ZUMWALT Morale Victory in war results from proper understanding and application of the principles of war. The achievement of high morale in a military organisation is a critical principle. Without high morale, even with the optimal application of all the other principles, defeat often results. General Considerations There is no certain formula for the achievement of good morale in war. Much depends on the circumstances leading to the war. For example, there is ample evidence that the morale in the Soviet conscript army before World War II was dreadful.

Good stirring stuff, but hardly sustainable in that the ultimate is an unlikely quest in this age. It may of course be necessary to defeat (but not necessarily destroy) the enemy's armed forces in order to destroy his will to fight, but this is not always the case. The Japanese armed forces were not destroyed in 1945. There have been many cases where an enemy negotiated a peace well before its armed forces were defeated in battle. It might be more realistic to say that the ultimate aim is to destroy the enemy's will to fight on - which may involve the defeat of his armed forces.

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