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By Richard E. Cytowic, David M. Eagleman

How the intense multisensory phenomenon of synesthesia has replaced our conventional view of the mind.

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Often nonsynesthetes imagine that sensing nonpresent colors, textures, and configurations must somehow be a burden. ” they ask. But this is no different than a blind person telling you, “Oh you poor thing. Everywhere you look you’re always seeing something. ” Of course not, because seeing is normal to us and constitutes what we accept as reality. Synesthetes simply have a different texture of reality. What Color Is Tuesday? 21 This fact brings us back to a central point—namely, that reality is much more subjective than most people suppose.

Recently, Melissa Saenz of Caltech has been studying this visual movement → sound synesthesia. To her surprise, she discovered it to be more common than previously suspected: she was able to find four such synesthetes merely by asking the right questions around her colleagues and A Kaleidoscopic World 47 acquaintances. If this high prevalence proves true across larger samples, it means this type of synesthesia will soon be promoted out of the “unusual types” section of our book. In the meantime, Melissa has been proving the perceptual reality of this synesthesia by showing that visual movement→ sound synesthetes perform better than controls at visual tasks involving the judgment of sequences in time.

The short answer is that we do not yet know the mechanics in detail. , learning one’s own particular language). 5 Marti Pike’s alphabet form. Letters A and Z feel to her as if they are anchored in a black background, while the loop floats free in three dimensions. Letters from J to S are spotlighted. , look for the x’s in the alphabet shape near the letters D, S, M, and V). 6 Marti Pike’s numeral form. 1 to 20 are seen singly, and 20 to 100 in groups of 10. After 100, the pattern repeats with a 1 in front of it.

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