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В книге предложены самые разнообразные рецепты праздничных блюд из речной, морской рыбы и морепродуктов, а также некоторые рекомендации, которые помогут сделать эти блюда еще вкуснее и красивее.


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Some AOC wines in "simpler" categories are also allowed to display varietal names, but these wines are rather few. For most AOC wines, if varietal names are found, it will be in small print on a back label. If varietal names are displayed, common EU rules apply: If a single varietal name is used, the wine must be made from a minimum of 85% of this variety. If two or more varietal names are used, only the displayed varieties are allowed. If two or more varietal names are used, they must in general appear in decreasing order.

The most impressive of all archaeological finds are kvevri, giant clay vessels in which wine was fermented and stored up. The old ones used to dig them into soil, just as we are doing now. Georgian museums have on display numerous clay vessels of all designations. Some were used to ferment grape juice and to store up wine, such as kvevri, chapi and satskhao, and others were used for drinking, such as khelada, doki, sura, chinchila, dedakhelada, dzhami and marani. For ages, artisans polished their skills to improve these vessels.

During the decade of the 1990s, per capita consumption dropped by nearly 20 percent. Therefore, French wine producers must rely increasingly on foreign markets. However, consumption has also been dropping in other potential markets such as Italy, Spain and Portugal. The result has been a continuing wine glut, often called the wine lake, that has led to the distillation of wine into industrial alcohol as well as a government program to pay farmers to pull up their grape vines through vine pull schemes.

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