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39 Assume 1. Identical valves with equal and opposite alternating grid inputs. 2. Valves are biased at projected cut-off so that each conducts for one complete half cycle of a sine wave input. WAVEFORMS Time Time Time Idc FIG. 40 " * Time DERIVATION OF BASIC FORMULAE 49 Waveform a shows the signal input to the transformer primary. Waveform b shows the current waveform produced when Vx conducts on the positive half cycle of the input signal. Waveform c shows the current waveform produced when V2 conducts on the negative half cycle of the input signal.

Normally, a pentode is used in conjunction with a step-up transformer. In such cases, the tuned anode arrangement of the previous section will give the higher overall stage gain. 11. Miller Effect In a triode, there is relatively large capacitance between anode and grid (Cag). The feedback from anode to grid via Cag causes the input admittance of the triode to be modified. This is the Miller effect. T. + A cap- ^ τ η r—·—T~W c Φ *=r I -τ= . FIG. 26 4__^ i I0' ^ HJi _ 30 WORKED EXAMPLES IN BASIC ELECTRONICS CONSTANT VOLTAGE EQUIVALENT CIRCUIT FIG.

Supply voltage and /diC# is the steady anode current with no signal input voltage. The power input (P in ) to the anode circuit of Fig. 25) P | . s. s. c. power output (Λ,) (P0) is V! Λ> = 2 where V and / are the peak values of anode voltage and anode current respectively. T. x 100%. 26) becomes η = -^χ100%. Τ. 27) From the valve characteristics of Fig. T. 27) becomes V x 100% 2{x+ V) — x 100°/ 2(2/r(I+/Äi)Xlüü/o 1 2+4 t xl00%. 28) Summary 1. 28) to be a maximum, the ratio ra/R'L is made as small as possible.

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