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By Shannon Lewis-Simpson

Following from subject matters explored through the 2005 overseas Medieval Congress on 'Youth and Age', this interdisciplinary quantity focuses upon social, cultural and organic features of being old and young within the medieval north. The individuals growth definitions of old and young within the north, considering altering mentalities due to political and cultural ameliorations resembling the Christianisation of the north.This e-book invitations discourse on adolescence and age among medieval archaeologists, historians, and philologists, whereas introducing particularities of medieval study to sociologists and gerontologists operating inside different classes and parts. The members, representing either demonstrated and up-and-coming students within the box, exhibit the varied concerns that encompass interdisciplinary stories of sweet sixteen and age. members are Christina Lee, Lotta Mejsholm, Berit J. Sellevold, Anna Hansen, Bernadine McCreesh, Joanna A. Skorzewska, Nic Percivall, Carolyne Larrington, Philadelphia Ricketts, Jordi Sanchez-Marti, Jon Viethar Sigurethsson, Shannon Lewis-Simpson, Armann Jakobsson, and Yelena Sesselja Helgadottir Yershova.

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Mejsholm with permission from the University of Lund. 46 lotta mejsholm if these vessels were actually made specifically for feeding, preferably with liquid food. Ceramic vessels are frequently found in Scandinavian Late Iron-Age cemeteries, but not prevalently associated with child graves. 16 The appearance of vessels exclusively in child graves at Fjälkinge suggests, however, a somewhat age-specific aspect of the use of food containers in this milieu. The lipids of seven vessels from the Fjälkinge child graves have recently been analysed by the Archaeological Research Laboratory at Stockholm University.

One illustration in particular, folio 72r, is especially intriguing. The figures in this image have their feet cut off. The removing of hands or feet was a punishment for repeat crimes,65 but in this illustration one of the figures is holding an infant child towards the figure of Christ in a mandorla above the Loveluck, ‘Anglo-Saxon Hartlepool’, p. 205. P. Hill, ‘Chapter 2’, in Whithorn and St Ninian: The Excavation of a Monastic Town 1984–91 ed. by P. Hill (Stroud, 1997), p. 45. 62 See Sellevold, this volume.

15 The shapes of several vessels are a bit unusual as these have square-shaped or oval-shaped mouths; two have square-shaped mouths with two spout-like shaped corners (fig. 1). The bellies of oval mouth-shaped vessels were occasionally formed like a dipper on one side (fig. 2). Four vessels were found to have knobs just below the mouth, probably to give a good grip. One third of the mouths were left free, seemingly to facilitate drinking (fig. 3). fl. Fjälkinge socken fornlämning 18 och 19, p. 9.

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