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It'd be superfluous to emphasize the significance of digital . spectroscopy in structural or analytic learn. It has now develop into a question of regimen to checklist the ultra-violet or seen spectra of compounds for reasons of identity or constitution elucidation. The spectrophotonletric equipment of research have changed the normal equipment in ever so rnany circumstances.

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Content material: Lindman, B. and Wennerström, H. Micelles. Amphiphile aggression in aqueous resolution. -- Eicke, H. -F. Surfactants in nonpolar solvents. Aggregation and micellization

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Soc. 77, 5423 (1955). Blu~7~e~thal, J . H . (Internat. ): Belg. P. 628586 (1963); C. A. ~0, 9168 (1964). _ Belg. P. 616307 (1962); C. A. 59, 5205 (1963). _ Am. P. 3265739 (1966); bishcr nicht in C. A. aufgenommen. Boldingh, J . , P . H . Begernann, G. Lardelli, R . J . Taylor, and Wra. T . }: Brit. P. 748661 (1956); C. A. 51, 462 (1957). _ , 29. Haverkamp-Begernann, A . ~ . de J o n g e et R . ] . T a y l o r : Rev. Franc. Corps Gras ~3, 235, 327 (1966}. 241 G. Ohloff ~4) _ , a n d R. J. Taylor: N a t u r e 194, 909 (1962).

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