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Hoole, Tash, Zak and Deevee head for Kiva, a dismal global at the Outer Rim. by some means, Hoole is aware that's the place Gog's laboratory lies. There, Tash and Zak will ultimately study Hoole's negative mystery. and they're going to come face-to-face with a frightening new creature, the first actual soldier in Gog's military of Terror. The creature is a mix of each one in every of Gog's terrible experiments, and there's just one option to defeat him. Can Tash and Zak work out the reply ahead of it really is too past due? (Digest)

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Finally, one voice spoke above the others. But you came here with the murderer! You are the children of Mammon! " Zak said. "We didn't come here with any murderer. " "They are talking," replied another voice out of the darkness, "about me. " The darkness parted like a curtain, and into the center of the black circle stepped a solitary figure with slumped shoulders and a tortured look on his face. It was Uncle Hoole. CHAPTER 11 The wraiths closed around Hoole, leaving him and the Arrandas in the dark.

The face of Borborygmus Gog. " Zak blurted out. Gog grinned an evil grin. His clothes were torn and stained with oil and dirt. His face was covered in scratches and bruises. He was a Shi'ido like Hoole, and the first time she had seen Gog, Tash had mistaken him for her uncle. But any resemblance was now long gone. " Zak repeated numbly. " The evil scientist shook his head. "You should have looked more closely. " Gog's eyes burned like lasers. " Angrily, Gog let loose another blaster bolt. This one sizzled past Zak's cheek, destroying the ship's viewscreen behind him.

Instinctively, neither Zak nor Tash mentioned Tash's growing sensitivity to the Force. They did not mention her frequent intuitions of approaching danger, and they certainly did not mention what had occurred on the abandoned space station known as Nespis 8, where Tash had finally become fully aware of her ability to use the Force. Tash didn't know what made her leave out those details. Maybe it was the Force itself. But she knew that Vader, once he suspected her awareness of the Force, would never let her out of his sight.

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