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This entire dictionary covers all points of librarianship and knowledge and data administration. Designed to equip the trainee librarian or details administration pupil with center terminology, this absolutely revised variation contains hundreds of thousands of phrases hooked up with info administration, type, cataloguing and digital wisdom management.Handy vitamins contain facts correcting marks, class structures, booklet prizes and awards, details abilities, and a listing of key assets on the net.

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Computer-based tutorial cc1 noun 1. used at the ends of letters, memos and reports to indicate that an identical copy has been sent to the named people 2. a feature of electronic mail software that allows you to send a copy of a message to another user. ı cc blind carbon copy ̈ full form carbon copy cc2 / si si / abbreviation in Internet cc addresses, the top-level domain for Cocos Islands CCTV abbreviation closed circuit television cd abbreviation in Internet addresses, the top-level domain for Democratic Republic of the Congo CD abbreviation compact disc CD burner / si di b nə/ noun COMPUT same as CD writer CD-I / si di a/ noun a compact disc with electronic information that can be changed by the user.

Abbr CPU Central Statistical Office / sentrəl stə tstk(ə)l ɒfs/ noun a government central processing unit Central Statistical Office | chapbook department which produces national statistical publications in the UK. ) chain indexing / tʃen ndeksŋ/ noun an alphabetical system of indexing using subject headings and hierarchical sub-headings chain list / tʃen lst/ noun a list of data with each piece of information providing an address for the next consecutive item in the list change agent / tʃend ed ənt/ noun a catalyst which causes something to change channel / tʃ n(ə)l/ noun 1.

G. fm Page 24 Monday, March 6, 2006 4:04 PM bootleg bootleg / bu tle / adjective somebootleg thing which is imported or sold illegally boot up / bu t p/ verb to load the operating system or programs automatically into a computer border / bɔ də/ noun a strip, line or band around the edge of something borderline / bɔ dəlan/ adjective only just acceptable ć He was a borderline case in the examination, but they allowed him to pass. borrow / bɒrəυ/ verb to take away temporarily with the intention of returning it borrower card / bɒrəυə kɑ d/, borrower ticket / bɒrəυə tkt/ noun a card issued to a member of a library so that items borrowed can be recorded in his or her name borrowings / bɒrəυŋz/ plural noun books borrowed from a library borrowing system / bɒrəυŋ sstəm/ noun a system for organising items which are taken away temporarily and need to be returned bot /bɒt/ noun a computer program performing routine or time-consuming tasks such as searching websites automatically or semi-independently bottom line / bɒtəm lan/ noun the most important consideration in a discussion bottom price / bɒtəm pras/ noun the lowest possible price bounce /baυns/ noun electronic mail that is returned to the sender because the address is incorrect or the user is not known at the mail server í verb (of an email message) to fail to be delivered ć If you send e-mail to an incorrect address it bounces back to your mailbox.

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