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Ed), Dispersion & Liberation, vol. 5, Jewish Education in Baghdad, Geoula Synagogue Committee, Ramlai, 1975, 173. 29 Cohen, op. , 124-125. 30 Kedourie, Elie, 'The Jews of Baghdad in 1910', Middle Eastern Studies, vol. 7, no. 3, October 1971, 355-361. 31 Shiblak, 23-36. 34 CHAPTER TWO The First Clash Between Zionism And Jewish Palestinians 1881-1918 THE STATE OF THE COMMUNITIES BEFORE ZIONISM After the liberation of Jerusalem at the hands of Saladin and the subsequent defeat of the Crusaders, Jews living in the lands of Islam returned to Palestine and Jerusalem in particular.

The implementation of the Balfour Declaration and the eventual formation of a 'homeland' state for Ashkenazi Jews at the expense of the Palestinian population Christian, Muslim and Jewish. Native Jews were placed under the aegis of the Zionists since they had no representation in the world Zionist establishment. Clearly Ashkenazi Zionist domination did not start in 1948 with the founding of the state of Israel but began with the British Mandate. It is worth mentioning that Ashkenazi anti-Zionist religious establishments were placed outside this autonomy.

It also elected members to the council which ran their affairs, and the Ottoman authorities tried to strengthen the two communities, the Jewish and the Islamic, fearful of European Christian penetration. These Ottoman or Palestinian Jews assisted Ottoman armies, participating in various wars as soldiers and doctors and furnishing the military units with provisions and ammunition. The Andalusian (Sephardi) Jews who had settled in Jerusalem, Hebron, Tiberias and Safad set up religious high schools.

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