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By Stolterfoht N., DuBois R.D., Rivarola R.D.

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The solid line is the ®t for the energy gap. Diamonds and crosses are related to Ref. [234] and Ref. [218], respectively. local density functional calculations [207,219,229], whereas EMP means empirical or semi-empirical methods [185,216,225,227]. LDFÃ indicates calculations where also structural relaxation has been taken into account [218,220,226,234]. The great majority of the different calculations shows a Ê , give energy gaps in remarkable agreement. Si QWW, whose dimensions are of the order of $20±30 A the range of the experimental PL energies.

Their EEL spectra for PS samples with decreasing thickness are reported in Fig. 42. 9 and $34 eV (the ®rst and second Si bulk plasmon resonances) are Fig. 40. Theoretical band structure of Si along the G±D±X symmetry line calculated by Johansson et al. (after Ref. [160]). 0 O cm substrate, respectively. From Ref. [157]. O. Bisi et al. / Surface Science Reports 38 (2000) 1±126 Fig. 41. 43 Spectral analysis by Fourier±Log deconvolution applied to PS plasmon peaks. From Ref. [163]. clearly present and their intensity decreases with sample thickness.

Bisi et al. / Surface Science Reports 38 (2000) 1±126 Fig. 64. Imaginary part of the dielectric function polarized in the direction of the wire for three different values of the side length of the QWW. Inset: the same for the largest wire (solid line) compared to the component in the orthogonal plane (dashed line). From Ref. [218]. 4. Radiative lifetimes The calculated radiative lifetimes are directly related to the inverse of the oscillator strengths [279]. Table 5 reports the calculated values for the radiative lifetimes of the lowest energy transition.

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