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Describes the army point of wars - the factors of clash, an enumeration of battles, and a precis of the outcome(s); additionally the social and political context during which the wars happened. In 3 accomplished volumes and nearly 2,000 A-to-Z entries this encyclopedia covers significant wars, rebellions, and revolutions from 3,500 BCE.

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The Kindah military leader refused to obey this posting order from al-Hajjaj and took part of the army back to Mesopotamia. Having gathered support along the march, he clashed with troops of al-Hajjaj in January 701 at Tustar and defeated them. Ibn alAsh’ath then set out for Basra and Kufa, where he won the Battle of Dayr at-Jamajim. He occupied the important port city of Basra. However, his run of successes on the battlefield ended at the Battle of Maskin on the Dujail River in 701, where al-Hajjaj, reinforced by Syrian troops provided by caliph Adb al-Malik (646/647–705), dealt a decisive blow against Ibn’s rebel army.

In 603 Aethelfrith faced a new threat from the north, but successfully defended his borders against the incursion of Scottish invaders from Dal Riata (the Delriad Scots under King Aidan) and Britons of Strathclyde, defeating both at the battle of Daegsaston. This elevated Northumbria to preeminence among the kingdoms of the Anglo-Saxon heptarchy, making it the most formidable power below the Firth of Forth. In about 616 Aethelfrith led his Northumbrians westward as far as the Dee River at Chester.

Regime of Mohammed Daoud vs. leftist Afghan army and air force units. 2. Muslim mountain tribes vs. leftist government under Nur Mohammed Taraki, with Soviet alliance. 3. Soviet-backed government of Babrak Karmal, with Soviet alliance, vs. mujahideen (Afghan Muslim army of rebellion). PRINCIPAL THEATER(S): Kabul, Afghanistan, and the mountainous region along the Afghanistan-Pakistan border DECLARATION: None MAJOR ISSUES AND OBJECTIVES: The period of civil war began with a leftist coup against President Mohammed Daoud, then developed into a Muslim reaction against the leftist government, which brought modern reforms unwelcome to the Muslims.

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