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By Ronald W. Fry

Examine the fundamental ideas of reminiscence that will help you raise your skill to keep what you learn, practice higher on exams, or simply take into account the place you final placed your automobile keys. for prime institution scholars, students, and someone trying to enhance his or her reminiscence energy.

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That's how "Roy G. Biv" (the colors of the spectrum, in order from left to right red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet) got famous. Or "Every Good Boy Does Fine," to remember the notes on a musical staff. Or, perhaps the simplest of all, ''FACE," to remember the notes in between. ) Of course, not many sequences work out as nicely as HOMES, an effective way to remember the Great Lakes (Huron, Ontario, Michigan, Erie, and Superior). If you tried to memorize the signs of the zodiac with this method, you'd wind up with (A)ries, (T)aurus, (G)emini, (C)ancer, (L)eo, (V)irgo, (L)ibra, (S)corpio, (S)agittarius, (C)apricorn, (A)quarius, (P)isces.

D 10. a Page 43 Chapter 3 Roy G. Biv and Friends In Chapter 1 we talked about the need to establish tags or codes for items we wish to remember so that our minds will have relatively little difficulty retrieving them from long-term memory. In this chapter, we will begin talking about one of the methods used for ''tagging," items before they enter that morass of memory. " The basis for the chain-link system is that memory works best when you associate the unfamiliar with the familiar, Page 44 though sometimes the association may be very odd.

A. cingulate cortex b. brainstem c. hippocampus d. amygdala 4. The part of the brain that separates humans from other mammals is the __. a. cerebral cortex b. brainstem c. midbrain d. cerebellum 5. Processing of sound and verbal information occurs in the __. a. occipital cortex b. temporal lobes c. cerebellum d. parietal cortex Page 39 Here's another chance to test your memory with some recent history: <><><><><><><><><><><><> Odds are you'll never meet any of the estimated 247 human beings who were born in the past minute.

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