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By K.D. Elworthy;Y. Le Jan;Xue-Mei Li

Stochastic differential equations, and Hoermander shape representations of diffusion operators, can make certain a linear connection linked to the underlying (sub)-Riemannian constitution. this can be systematically defined, including its invariants, after which exploited to debate qualitative houses of stochastic flows, and research on direction areas of compact manifolds with diffusion measures. this could be worthwhile to stochastic analysts, specially people with pursuits in stochastic flows, limitless dimensional research, or geometric research, and likewise to researchers in sub-Riemannian geometry. A uncomplicated historical past in differential geometry is believed, however the development of the connections is especially direct and itself provides an intuitive and urban creation. wisdom of stochastic research can also be assumed for later chapters.

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P r o o f . 4) with V replaced by V: m ~(v,u) = Z x'(x) (~,vvx~> - ~x~(x) (v, VuX~). 3). 2) and the second. 2) and the third identity. 3 Let (7 be a metric connection on T M with defining map X . 3) vi E T~oM. Furthermore the connection (7 is * the Levi-Civita connection if and only if X ( x ) d Y ( u , v ) = 0 for all u , v E T z M , all x E M , or V Z v vanishes at xo for all v C TxoM. 9 torsion skew symmetric if VZWI%o M : Txo M ~ T x o M is skew symmetric for all w E T M , or V v Z u + V u Z v = 0 for any u, v E T M , equivalently ~7uV + ~TvU = V u V + V v U for all vector fields U and V.

2) In this section we use uppercase letters for vector fields and lowercase letters for tangent vectors. It will be convenient to have a class of connections on E with which to relate metric connections. In the non-degenerate case the obvious base connection is the Levi-Civita connection V for the given metric. In the degenerate, regular, case let (,)o be an extension to T M of the metric (,) on E and let PE : T M -+ E 32 T h e infinitesimal generators and associated operators be the corresponding orthogonal projection.

2. Let a i and (ai) * be respectively the annihilation and creation operators as given in Appendix B. 6), 7~ p=l giving 7~ E, p=l The theorem follows. E l <_i

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